Hidden Motives: The Elephant in the Brain

The basic idea


Hidden exchanges in public life

Stop having so many opinions

Hacking your behaviour

Placing wagers can help you to think more rationally.


In a political tug-of-war, seize the opportunity and pull perpendicularly to the main debate.

There is a wide space of possibilities that are not being considered.

Morality and laws

Various notes from the question/answer session

To save lives, we should not campaign for an assault weapons ban.

Corporations make good scapegoats for the bad moral choices of individuals.

We are only just beginning to explore the space of possible institutions. This is NOT the end of history!


“Behavior is what someone is doing, intention is why they’re doing it. You judge yourself based on your intentions, and everyone else based on their behavior.”

— via Sahil Lavingia @shl on Twitter



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