Notes from Green Is The New Black online session 2020/04/01


Pierre Gilbert

What is the link between COVID-19 and biodiversity loss?

What are the main causes of deforestation and destruction of natural habitats?

What can we do?

How does climate change affect disease?

How are immune systems affected?

How about air pollution?

Is pharmaceutical industry harming or helping?


Q and A

How can people working in the pharmaceutical industry continue to do so without taking responsibility?

Are there any plans for the EU or WHO to better arrange better lobby-free laws in 2020?

How can we switch to a more localised economy without acknowledging protectionism and nationalism?

How could we better prepare for the next pandemic, so we don’t just lockdown again?

When confinement ends, how to convince people to consume less, and companies to produce less?

When people have more free time, do they consume more or consume less?

What really drives consumption? I always thought it was advertising! (And need. But in that case it is justified.)

We can also think about better forms of consumption, involving more sharing of items in the community, and more repair instead of replace. (Encouraging repair could create jobs.)

But how to bring about cultural change? Could we gamify anti-consumption? Have people bragging about how little they bought last month?!

If we plant trees and burn wood, that could be a sustainable (carbon-neutral) way to generate energy.

A concern with that is air pollution, but if we could effectively capture the smoke, that could become a form of carbon sequestration (carbon-negative).



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